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 Selected works of M.N. Roy, vol. 4

English/Authors-Roy, M. N (Manabendra Nath);Editors-Ray, Sibnarayan; {New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1997}

Keywords - {Revolutionary movements, India, Mexico, Soviet Union, China}


 Cultural Dynamics

English/ {New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1988 1996 1998-2003}

Keywords - {Culture, India}


 Orientalism, Reader

English/Authors-Teignmouth, Lord; {1807}

Keywords - {Southeast Asia, Orientalism}


 A view of the history, literature, and mythology of the Hindoos; including a minute description of their manners and customs, and translations from their principal works

English/Authors-Ward, William; {London: East India Company, 1822}

Keywords - {Hinduism, Mythology }


 On the education of the people of India

English/Authors-Trevelyan, Charles E; {London: University of California Press, 1838}

Keywords - {Language, Education, India}


 Shrimadbagavadgitarahasya athava karmayogasastra

Sanskrit/Authors-Tilak, Bala Gangadar; {1840}

Keywords - {Philosophy, Hindutva, Ethics, Religion}


 The Bhagavat-Geeta or dialogues of Krishna and Arjoon : Sanscrit, canarese and english in parallel columns

English/Editors-Garrett, J; {Bangalore: The Wesleyab Mission Press, 1846}

Keywords - {Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Sanksrit, Multilingual, Sacred Book}


 Shri Mahalingarangakaviya anubhavamrutha

Kannada/Authors-Mahalinga, Chidambariaha;Hosakere; {Bangalore: 1847}

Keywords - {Kannada Literature}


 A pictorial history of the silent screen

English/Authors-Blum, Daniel C; {London: Spring Books, 1853}

Keywords - {Silent Films, Motion Pictures, History and Criticism, Pictorial Works, Early Cinema}


 History of Hyder Ali and Tippoo Sultaun

English/Authors-Maistre de La Tour, M; {New Delhi: Asian Educational Services (AES), 1855}

Keywords - {Karnataka, Nawab of Mysore, History, India}


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