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Advertisement (454kbs) by Anon in The Times of India (1999, )

Keywords - {Advertising, Cable Operators, Cinema, Cinema, Film distribution, Film exhibition, Law and order, Marketing}


 Thai Saheb bags National Award for best film

Clipping (44kbs) by UNI in The Economic Times (1998, )

Keywords - {Awards, Film, Girish Kasaravalli, National award, Hindi cinema, Tamil cinema, Malayalam cinema, Kannada cinema, Bengali cinema}


 No shooting here...

Photograph (346kbs) by DH photo in Deccan Herald (1999, )

Keywords - {Bangalore, Hindi cinema, Cinema, Film Production, Wildlife Conservation, Government/State policy/regulation}


 The recipe of eternal youth

Photograph (1393kbs) by K. Sunil Prasad in The Times Of India (1999, )

Keywords - {Kannada cinema, Film Stars, Celebrities, Cinema, Film production}



Advertisement (848kbs) by Anon in The Hindu (1999, )

Keywords - {Cinema, Film distribution, Advertising, Tamil cinema, Rajnikant, Film Stars, Celebrities}


 Film Awards 99

Advertisement (470kbs) by Kannada Chitra Premigala Sangha in The Hindu (1999, )

Keywords - {Advertising, Cinema, Film exhibition, Awards, Marketing, Kannada cinema}


 No satellite rights for Tamil films

Clipping (43kbs) by Ayyappa Prasad in Screen (1995, )

Keywords - {Cinema, Film distribution, Cinema, Film exhibition, Cinema, Film Finance, Cinema, Film Production, Satellite, Television, TV, Cinema, Film distribution, Broadcasting laws}


 Talking Shop

Cartoon (588kbs) by Sudhakar Darbe in The New Indian Express (1999, )

Keywords - {Hindi cinema, Cinema, Film Finance, Economy, Global Culture, Globalisation}



Advertisement (535kbs) by Anon in Deccan Herald (1999, )

Keywords - {Hindi cinema, Cinema, Film distribution, National Culture, Nationalism, Partition, Deepa Mehta, Aamir Khan}


 Aziz’s film selected

Clipping (42kbs) by UNI, Agencies in The Times of India (1998, )

Keywords - {Aathunnathangalil koodaram panithavar, Asian Film Festival, Aziz, Cinema, DD, Doha, Doordarshan, Film, Malayalam cinema, National Film Development Corporation}


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