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 Its a Hindi movie called Kargil depicting the horrors of war

Cartoon (95kbs) by Laxman in The Times of India (1999, )

Keywords - {Politics, Politicians, National Culture, Nationalism, Cinema, Film distribution, Local Culture}


 The Prime Minister,Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee, with folk dancers from the Eastern states

Photograph (342kbs) by Anon in The Hindu (1999, )

Keywords - {Folk culture, National Culture, Nationalism, Anthropology}


 Radhakrishna (Jaga Mechida Maga Dr. Rajkumar Abhinamigala Sangha) with Yasim Malik of JKLF and Somnath, Hai Bangalore, April 1997

Fan Material (262kbs) by Anon in Jaga Mechida Maga Dr. Rajkumar Abhimanigala Sangha (1997, )

Keywords - {Fans, Fan Associations, Fan Clubs, Fan Culture, Kannada, Karnataka, Cinema, Film distribution, Politics, Politicians, Terrorism, National Culture, Nationalism, Kashmir}


 Forum flays ABCL plans

Clipping (42kbs) by Staff Reporter in Deccan Herald (1996, )

Keywords - {Kannada, Karnataka, Local Culture, National Culture, ABCL, Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited}


 Shiv Sena warns against screening obscene movies

Clipping (42kbs) by UNI, Agencies in Deccan Herald (1999, )

Keywords - {Shiv Sena, Cinema, Film distribution, Censorship, Obscenity, National Culture}


 Supporters pour pepsi down the drain

Photograph (148kbs) by PTI, Agencies in Deccan Herald (1998, )

Keywords - {Politics, Politicians, National Culture, Nationalism, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Public Sphere, Public Accountability}


 Football for Kargil

Photograph (266kbs) by Express Photo in The New Indian Express (1999, )

Keywords - {Film Stars, Celebrities, Charity, Sponsorship, National Culture, Nationalism}


 "Shame-Shame" Pakistan

Photograph (2650kbs) by UNI in Deccan Herald (1999, )

Keywords - {National Culture, Nationalism}


 India Week- On Discovery Channel

Photograph (2004kbs) by Express Photo in The Indian Express (1998, )

Keywords - {Bangalore, Cable Television, National Culture, Nationalism}



Advertisement (535kbs) by Anon in Deccan Herald (1999, )

Keywords - {Hindi cinema, Cinema, Film distribution, National Culture, Nationalism, Partition, Deepa Mehta, Aamir Khan}


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