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The CSCS Fellowships Programme began in 2002 to make its substantial library and faculty resources available to a range of researchers outside the institution.

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List of conferences and workshops held at and conducted by CSCS in recent years.

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CSCS provides affiliation to Indian and international researchers for varying periods of time. In addition CSCS also invites academics to interact with faculty and students and to present their work at the Centre.

Current State: Published
Ashish Rajadhyaksha

Ashish Rajadhyaksha is Senior Fellow, Centre for the Study of Culture & Society

Date/Place of Birth: 12-3-1957, Bombay, India.
Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Bombay, 1978
Programme Officer Arts & Culture/Higher Education programmes, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai

Ph.D. Courses taught at CSCS:

2008-09: Theorizing Indigenous Capital (with Laxmi Subramaniam) (link)
2006-07: ‘Representation’, Ph.D. course at CSCS
2005-06: ‘The Symbolic’, Ph.D. course at CSCS (link)
2003-04: ‘The Frankfurt School’ (with S.V. Srinivas)
2001-02: ‘Socialist Practices in the Arts’, and ‘Asian Cultural Practices’ (with Mrinalini Sebastian), in collaboration with the Departments of English, MIT, Cambridge, and National University of Singapore.



Indian Cinema in the Time of Celluloid: From Bollywood to the Emergency, New Delhi: Tulika/Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2009.
Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema, with Paul Willemen (British Film Institute and OUP, 1994).
edited, The Sad and Glad of Kishore Kumar (Research Centre for Cinema Studies, 1988).
co-edited with Amrit Gangar, Ghatak : Arguments/Stories (Screen Unit/Research Centre for Cinema Studies, 1987).
co-edited with Marco Muller, L'Avventurose Storie del Cinema Indiano (2 vols., in Italian) (Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema, 1985).
Ritwik Ghatak: A Return to the Epic (Screen Unit, 1982).
edited with Rani Burra, Looking Back, 1896-1960 (Directorate of Film Festivals/Film India Retrospective of Indian Cinema, 1981).


Select essays in Journal of the Moving Image, Kolkata, and the Journal of Arts & Ideas, New Delhi, with links

2008: ‘The Bollywoodization of Indian Cinema’, anthologized in Anandam P. Kavoori and Aswin Punathambekar (ed) Global Bollywood (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, December 2008)
2007: ‘An Aesthetic for Film Sound in India?”, in Journal of the Moving Image n 6 December 2007 (link).
2007: ‘You Can See Without Looking: The Cinematic ‘Author’ and Freedom of Expression in the Cinema’, in Mathew John and Kakarala Sitharamam (ed.) Enculturing Law (New Delhi: Tulika Books).
2006: ‘The Curious Case of Bombay’s Hindi Cinema: The Career of/ Indigenous ‘Exhibition’ Capital, Journal of the Moving Image n 5, Dec 2006 (link)
2005: ‘Visuality and Visual Art: Speculating on a Link’, Edge of Desire: Recent Art in India (Asia Society Museum/ Queens Museum of Art)
2004: ‘Rethinking the State After Bollywood’, Journal of the Moving Image, n 3, June. (Kolkata: Dept. of Film Studies, Jadavpur University) (pp 47-90).
2004: ‘The Cinema Effect Outside the Cinema’, Art-India: The Art News Magazine of India, v ix issue ii quarter 11.
2003: ‘The Bollywoodization of the Indian Cinema: Cultural Nationalism in a Global Arena’, in Preben Kaarsholm ed. City Flicks: Cinema, Urban Worlds and Modernities in India and Beyond, Roskilde University Occasional Paper No. 22, and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies v 4 n 1, April 2003.
2000: ‘Bombay/Mumbai 1992-2001’, essay written with Geeta Kapur, in Iwona Blazwick (ed.) Century Cuty: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis, London: Tate Publishing.
1999: ‘You Can See Without Looking: Reconsidering Freedom of Expression in the Cinema’, Journal of the Moving Image 1, Dept. of Film Studies, University of Jadavpur, Calcutta.
1999: ‘The Judgement: Re-forming the Public’, Journal of Arts & Ideas 32-33, Special Issue on Gender and the Rhetorics of Liberalization, April (link)
1998: ‘Who’s Looking? Viewership and Democracy in theCinema’, Cultural Dynamics v 10 n 2, July 1998. (Also anthologized in Ravi Vasudevan ed. Making Meaning in Indian Cinema, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, New Delhi 1999.
1998: ‘Realism, Modernism and Post-Colonial Theory’, and ‘Indian Cinema’ in John Hill and Pamela Church-Gibson (ed.) The Oxford Guide to Film Studies, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
1996: ‘Indian Cinema: Origins to Independence’ and ‘India: Filming the Nation’, in Geoffrey Nowell-Smith (ed.) The Oxford History of World Cinema, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
1995: ‘The Last Decade’, in Gulammohammed Sheikh (ed.) Contemporary Art in Baroda, New Delhi: Tulika.
1994: ‘Indian Silent Cinema: A Viewer’s View’. In Suresh Chabria (ed.) Light of Asia. Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone/National Film Archive of India, Pune.
1993: ‘Fundamental Films’, Sight & Sound, v 3, n 10, London: Oct.
1993: ‘The Epic Melodrama: Themes of Nationality in Indian Cinema’, presented at Anveshi/Subaltern Studies Conference, Hyderabad, 1992. In Journal of Arts & Ideas, special issue ‘Careers in Modernity’, nos 25-26, New Delhi: Dec. (link)
1992: ‘Satyajit Ray, Ray’s Films and the Ray-Movie’ Journal of Arts & Ideas, n 23/24, New Delhi: Jan 1993. Earlier version, ‘Beyond Orientalism’, in Sight & Sound, v 2, n 4, London: August. (link)
1990: ‘Beaming Messages to the Nation’, in Journal of Arts & Ideas, Special Issue, ‘Dialogues on Cultural Practice in India: Critical Framework’, n. 19, New Delhi: May. (link)
1988: ‘Living the Tradition’, in Journal of Arts & Ideas, n 16, Jan-Mar. (link)
1988: ‘Moving Beyond the Source: K.K. Mahajan’, Interview/Introduction, Framework, n 35, London: 1988.
1988: ‘Tradition and Cinematic Authorship: Some Recent Indian Films’, in Cinemaya, New Delhi: Autumn 1988.
1987: ‘The Phalke Era: Conflict of Traditional Form and New Technology’, Journal of Arts & Ideas, nos 14/15, New Delhi July-Dec. Anthologised in Tejaswini Niranjana et al (ed.) Interrogating Modernity: Culture and Colonialism in India. Calcutta: Seagull Books (link).
1987: ‘The Doordarshan Phenomenon’, in Deep Focus, v 1, n 1, Bangalore: Dec.
1986: ‘Debating the Third Cinema’, in Jim Pines/Paul Willemen (ed.) Questions of Third Cinema. London: British Film Institute.
1986: ‘Neo-Traditionalism: Film as Popular Art in India’, in Framework, nos 32-33, London.
1986: ‘Dossier on Kumar Shahani’ (ed/comp/intr/interview), in Framework, nos 30-31, London.
1985: ‘The Tenth International Film Festival of India: Scattered Reflections Around an Event’, in Screen, Special issue, ‘Other Cinemas, Other Criticisms’, v 26, n 3/4, London: May-Aug.
1985: ‘Latin American Cinema/Political Cinema’, in Journal of Arts & Ideas, n 10/11, New Delhi: Jan-June (link)
1985: ‘Beyond the Documentary: Mati Manas’, in Indian Cinema 1980-1985, New Delhi: Directorate of Film Festivals/Festival of India USA.
1984: ‘Le Film Documentaire en Inde’, in IV Journees Cinematographiques d’Amiens, Amiens (French).
1984: ‘Filmotsav 84: Reply to Roy Armes’, in Framework, n 25, London.
1983: ‘Of More Than a Certain Tendency in the Indian Cinema’, Special Film Issue, Journal of Arts & Ideas, n 5, New Delhi: Oct-Dec 1983 (link)
1983: ‘Gandhiana and Gandhiology’, Journal of Arts & Ideas, n 3, New Delhi: 1983. Anthologized in Manuel Alvardo/John O. Thompson (ed.) The Media Reader, London: British Film Institute, 1990 (link)
1983: ‘On Godard’, Journal of Arts & Ideas, n 2, New Delhi: Jan/Mar (link)

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