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Posted by kaiwanm at 2004-12-20 06:57 PM
Hi, it is interesting that the Introduction to I.M. begins with very 'everyday' examples of sites that we encounter this uneasy question of 'tradition' and 'modernity' or 'culture'. next is the 'recentness' of the often used meaning for 'culture' and (on pg 3) 'tradition' is referred to as a modern concept. this sets in a good base..... for further reading cos it in many ways lessens the historical burden commonly associated with the words Well, what Arnold and Tylor in many ways seem to be doing is formulating an 'abstract' upon which the entire colonial project of writing a 'history of India' and Education (in the colony) are based. it is like A and T have formulated a matrix (or 3D grid) within which the colonial (and often even the nationalist) historians fill in or interject the details. It would be interesting to overlap Macaulay's minutes on education or Smith's History of India with the explanations of culture described here. Various essays that interested me from this Intro. are.. Ashish R on Phalke era Tharu and Lalitha (Muddupalini) Lata mani and R S Rajan on sati Tejeswini N on translation. Although the issue on translation is not so clear to me but interests me to read on. Planning to get these essays xeroxed from the library...... since the book (i inquired sometime back) is not available. Looking forward to meeting all at the chat session... Thanks, Kaiwan

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  •  • Posted by kaiwanm at 2004-12-20 06:57 PM
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