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 • mod 1 chat session

Posted by sushmitas at 2004-12-22 06:28 PM
hi all
Just to remind you that the chat session for paper 3 is today (22nd Dec) at 8.00 pm.
The chat coordinator for today will be Teju.

I think we might continue with the protocols followed in yesterday's chat on Research Methodology. Hope you all got my mail about the agenda and protocol. in case you haven't ,  here follows:


  • The coordinator will open the discussion putting on board a set of issues, and moderate the discussion.
  • All the other participants will then take turns responding to the question on board.
  • Please follow the lead of the co-ordinator and take turns to respond.
  • Pls be on time since anyone logging in late will not be able to see what went before.
  • Whoever starts responding first, please follow your comments with an ellipsis (...) till you are done for the moment (i.e. you have a sentence down and have sent it but still have something to add; the ... will tell us you are still typing so none of us others will come in then.)
  • Also, before someone else comes in [next], it would be good if you 'put up your hand' with the following sign which is there on all keyboards **  (For instance, if x has finished speaking and put a full stop, y can quickly type ** and send it so others will hold their patience meanwhile.)
  • it would be good to complete discussion on a specific question before moving on to the next. Keeping a notebook and note down any other questions that might occur to us,  during the chat might help.


  • We will discuss the three primary readings for this module and issues related to colonialism and orientalism.
  • Do read through the exercise questions,  make notes and put down questions you might want to discuss or ideas you might want to think about.

See you there!

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  •  • mod 1 chat session Posted by sushmitas at 2004-12-22 06:28 PM
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