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Posted by sushmitas at 2004-12-22 06:52 PM

hi viriya

Yes, i do remember the book Siam Mapped . if i remember correctly, you had shown us the map on the of cover of the book and compared it with another map. this  is extremely interesting  because our second module specifically deals with 'culture and nationalism' and with Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities which   Thongchai Winichakul's book also examines, i believe.

Unfortunately i have not read Siam Mapped and i think the book is also not familiar to the others in the class. So it might be helpful if you were to try and tell us something about the argument of the book. For instance, i understand that the book refers to a critical period in Thai history. Which period is this exactly?

I feel that you are intutively making some interesting connections between the readings and the Thai context . I think that you must try to put this down in words.

How do you think that the term 'culture' in relation to Thai history came to take on its present day understanding? i.e.you point out that word for culture in Thai is 'Watthanatham'. where does this term come from? how has it been used in relation to Thai identity? What connotations does the word have? these are some questions you might want to consider. i hope this is helpful.

Please write in with further comments  or ideas.
see you later in tha day at the chat.

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  •  • Posted by viriyas at 2004/12/21 22:49:07.537 Universal
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