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04:00-06:00 Talk by Barbara Nell Ramusack
10:05 - Asian Cinema: Towards a Research and Teaching Agenda
Asian Cinema: Towards a Research and Teaching Agenda
Asian Cinema: Towards a Research and Teaching Agenda - 05:05
05:00-08:00 Course 604, Session 6
11:00-12:30 Screening of "Roma città aperta" (Rome Open City)
05:00-08:00 Course 605, Session 6
04:00-06:00 Talk by Ram Prasad
05:00-08:00 Course 606, Session 5
03:00-06:00 Screening of "Rocco e i suoi fratelli" (Rocco and His Brothers)
11:00-12:30 Screening of "Ladri di biciclette" (The Bicycle Thief)
05:00-08:00 Course 604, Session 7
05:00-08:00 Course 605, Session 7
12:00-12:00 Mahashivaratri
10:00-12:00 Course 606, Session 6
01:15 - Mid- Term Break
Mid- Term Break
Mid- Term Break
Mid- Term Break
Mid- Term Break - 12:15
05:00-08:00 Course 604, Session 8
04:00-06:00 Work-in-Progress by Teena Antony
05:00-08:00 Course 605, Session 8
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Undergraduate Diploma Course in Cultural Studies

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The Undergraduate Diploma in Cultural Studies. In collaboration with the Christ College, Bangalore, and St. Joseph's College, Bangalore.

Diploma in Cultural Studies


The term ‘Culture’ indicates different things to different people. 

For the community of students, the word culture might have a specific meaning: college festivals and extra-curricular activities that are distinct from serious study. 

Is there another way of understanding the term ‘culture’ that will show the connection between the various cultural aspects of our lives and theories about society? 

What is the relevance of political theories, concepts of society, language and communication, representation of history, notions of democracy, citizenship, etc. to our lives? 

The Diploma in Cultural Studies will look at the world around us and try to relate it to the ‘subjects’ we study in the classroom.  It will also provide students with critical and analytical skills to understand the complex relationships of everyday life and cultural practices to society and its politics.


Students are required to complete two papers offered over one year in order to qualify for the Diploma. 

Paper I:  "Introduction to Cultural Studies" 

Paper II: "Rethinking Media Laws"

Each paper requires students to put in approximately 50 hours of work. 

Of this 70 per cent will be spent online working on the course materials and exercises. The remaining 30 per cent will be in the form of a contact programme during which students will meet the course instructor.

There will be five scheduled face-to-face interactions of each two to three hours long, between the students and instructor for each paper.

At the end of each paper students will be required to appear for a written test.

Undergraduate Diploma Course in Cultural Studies Paper 1. Introduction to Cultural Studies
Undergraduate Diploma Course in Cultural Studies Paper 2. Rethinking Media Law
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