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Fellowships at CSCS
The CSCS Fellowships Programme began in 2002 to make its substantial library and faculty resources available to a range of researchers outside the institution.

Visiting Fellows
CSCS provides affiliation to Indian and international researchers for varying periods of time. In addition CSCS also invites academics to interact with faculty and students and to present their work at the Centre.

Conferences and Workshops
List of conferences and workshops held at and conducted by CSCS in recent years.

Current State: Published
Fellowships at CSCS

The CSCS Fellowships Programme began in 2002 to make its substantial library and faculty resources available to a range of researchers outside the institution.

CSCS invites applications from under-graduate teachers, doctoral, post-doctoral and independent researchers in the field of cultural studies / interdisciplinary research. The primary objective of the fellowship is to strive towards bridging the vast gap that exists between teaching and research.

a) Post-doctoral scholars whose work will benefit from access to the library and other resources at the Centre.
b) PhD scholars who need to work with library resources towards completion of their thesis.
c) Interested researchers and scholars who would like to be at CSCS for the length of a semester, attending courses in that semester and accessing the library for that period of time. The researcher would have to fulfill course requirements along with other students taking the course, and will receive a certificate of participation at the end of it.
d) Under-graduate teachers.

During this period applicants will be expected to work at the CSCS library. At the end of the research period, fellows will be expected to submit a report on the outcome of the fellowship at the Centre. The amount for fellowship available would be Rs.5000 for residents of Bangalore and Rs.10,000 for those from outside the city. Those selected for the fellowship will also be given a two-year membership to the CSCS Library. Selected candidates may be asked to submit proof of employment/institutional affiliation at the time of joining.

• We offer month-long fellowship support to post-doctoral and doctoral applicants.
• Course-work applicants will be offered a fellowship for the length of the semester – approximately three and a half months.
• In certain cases, where an applicant’s research has affinity with ongoing work at the Centre, the fellowship may be extended upto three months.
• Under-graduate teachers will be offered a fellowship for a period of about 30-40 days, which may be broken up into two fortnights’ work at CSCS any time during the year, so as to enable them to work during their vacations.

Applicants may note that the following priority areas have been identified for the award of library fellowships at CSCS:

a) Design of new interedisciplinary courses at the undergraduate level: at least one fellowship every year is set aside for college teachers working on new courses.
b) Innovative research projects: those working on innovative research projects, especially those of an inter-disciplinary nature, are encouraged to apply.
c) Collaborating institutions of CSCS (Kuvempu University, Christ College, St. Joseph’s College and other institutions which have worked with CSCS in the past or have signed formal Memoranda of Understanding with CSCS).
d) Non-Metropolitan Centres: applicants located in small, non-urban institutions or those who do not have access to good library facilities are given priority over those who work in metropolitan centres.
e) Faculty members of science institutions working on the interface between natural and human sciences or science and society.
f) Work that coincides with research interests of the Centre.

Those whose work does not fall under any of the above areas too may apply.

Interested applicants are requested to submit:

i) A detailed resume
ii) A research proposal (about 500 words) clearly outlining their interest in the area, their previous work (if any) in the field and the relevance of their current research interest. The applications should indicate how the CSCS library would be useful to the applicant’s research.

Applicants are requested to look up our web site and online library catalogue at: www.cscsarchive.org, to understand the kind of work we are involved in and the resources available at the Centre.

Please send in your applications to:

Administrative Officer
Centre for the Study of Culture and Society
466, 9th Cross, Madhavan Park,
Jayanagar 1st Block

Or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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