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How do I start/join new chat sessions in the Yahoo Messenger?

Step 1: Please ensure that you have the latest version of the Yahoo messenger running on your desktop. The latest version of the Yahoo! messenger (YIM) is available for a free download at http://messenger.yahoo.com/. click on GET IT NOW and when another window opens up on your monitor, please choose the option of SAVE IT TO DESK. Once the YIM has been downloaded, click on the icon in order to install it on to your machine. If you are not sure of what installations you want, it is safe to choose the CUSTOM INSTALL option.

Step 2. Once the YIM is installed on to your desktop, click on the YIM icon on the desktop. Alternately, you can also run the YIM through the icon that appears in your icon tray at the bottom right corner of your monitor, just next to the time displayed.

Step 3: In the YIM login window, please type in your user name (example: John_smith) and the password. Please make sure that you type in only the user name and not tag an @ address behind it. In other words your user name can be John_smith but not [email protected]. If you are on a public computer do not use the options of REMEMBER MY NAME AND PASSWORD or AUTOMATICALLY SIGN IN. Please always make sure that you do NOT SIGN IN AS INVISIBLE if you are logging in for a CSCS chat.

Step 4: Once you have logged in you will see the list of people in your friends' list (please make sure that you have all the cscs students and facutly added in your friends list) who have already logged in. Go to CONTACTS and chose the option of INVITE TO CONFERENCE.

Step 5: A new window will open on your desktop. the new window shall show you all the people who are logged in and can be invited to the conference. From under the MESSENGER LIST, click on all the names (you can select multiple names by pressing CTRL key and clicking on the name with the mouse) you want to invite to the conference and click on ADD. Once you have selected all the members you want to invite, click on INVITE.

Step 6. This shall open a new conference window where all the users who have been invited can get talk together and carry on the chat. Once inside the conference window, a user can easily invite anybody else that they want to come and join the chat. As and when new people log in, they can be invited into the chat.

Step 7. To carry out personal conversations with the users, click on their name as they appear on the right hand side panel and a new Instant Messaging window will open up where the student and the instructor can carry out a private conversation. Please remember that none of these conversations are archived and it is necessary for the TA to do a select all and copy the conversation (public conversation) into a .doc file and save it for future reference.

Ste 8. If a student is unable to get the invite and join the conference just ask him/her to log in and log out agian. It is requested that everybody logs in at least five minutes before the scheduled time to make sure that everything is in order.

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